frequently asked questions

what do I need to get started?

I'm a big fan of not asking people to buy more stuff, so Starlike makes the most out of minimal equipment.

You'll need:

  • blocks (or two big books)

  • 1.5kg weights (or water bottles)

  • yoga strap (dish towel)

  • bolster (or big pillow)

I'm a beginner - will I be fine?

I try to stay away from describing my classes as "beginner", "advanced" and so on, simply because those terms are subjective. Someone can be new to this type of movement, but have 15 years of experience in dance, while another person may not have had the chance to move properly in the last 5 years. 

What I can say is that Starlike classes are progressive. This means that we start with a foundational version of each move and then there is an option to keep building it up if you wish.

When you join in there is a step-by-step Starlike Introduction collection to follow. If you'll want to really dive into your technique, there is a 3 week long programme you can complete after that.

In other words - I've got you! We all started somewhere :)

what styles of classes can I do on Starlike?

let me walk you through our main class categories:

  • Strengthen - rooted in Pilates principles, solidifies our foundations

  • Synergy - this is a full body experience that will have you explore big + flowy movement

  • Soften - here you'll find chill and mobility sessions

  • Sweat - this a rhythmic , faster class to allow for you to feel free and dance-like

On top of these you can explore Sunrise (morning flows), Specialise (programmes + skills) and Starlike School which provides you with education + theory

you can browse the library here (even if you aren't a member yet)

how does the 'weekly movement plan' work?

Every week on Starlike there is a theme with 3 progressive classes coming out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The classes are made with specific days in mind, but you follow them in your own time.Some members like to stick to the plan, while some enjoy browsing the library and following their own rhythm. It's up to you.

Keep in mind that Starlike is a heartfelt + personal platform, which means I'm there to support you and happy to suggest any classes that will suit your needs in a given week.

I'm worried I'll struggle to stay consistent..

I so hear you on this and that's why I made sure Starlike provides you with support beyond just being another online subscription you forget about.

  • The weekly movement helps you get down on the mat fuss free!

  • You can join livestreams to move with myself + fellow starlike people in real time! This helps you build a really concrete schedule. 

  • Access exclusive members' community to discuss, ask questions and keep each other inspired 

does it matter what time-zone I'm in?

for weekly movement plan:

I teach and upload new classes in the UK morning time, but they are for everyone to move through in their own time.

Everything is neatly organised in the library, so you can move through things at your own pace or follow the weekly plan (or mix both?)

for livestreams:

you can find the livestream schedule in the "lives" tab, the times are shown in your current time zone. 

what if I would like to cancel my membership?

Stay only if you love it!

If you wish to cancel/take a break you can do so at any time.  Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page in "settings", and your membership will not renew. 

You can also email me about it at lena@starlikemovement and I'll sort it for you. 

Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods. You will still have access to the videos until the period you have paid for expires.