self-care through movement
self-care through movement

self-care through movement

strengthen, sweat and stretch to make your well-being a priority

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a movement practice that takes care of you

Starlike brings you sustainable strength, timeless mobility and meaningful rest. 

Explore the different class styles you get to enjoy with your membership:


Rooted in pilates principles, enhanced by modern movement science to support the daily needs of the human body. Strengthen is your foundation.


Where everything comes together. Full body experiences that tie together your strength + flexibility into a joyous flow. 


Home of mobility + chill, to help make rest your priority. Wear your comfiest clothes, light a candle and spend quality time with yourself.


Bringing together barre, dance and groovy beats (and absolutely no burpees!) for sweaty yet mindful goodness.


Morning movement! Shorter, yet full-body classes, to freshen up your mind, take care of your joints and reconnect with your breath. 

Starlike School

Tutorials, deep dives and pep-talks, all brought together to enhance your movement experience. Gain a deeper understanding of the way our body moves & how we make sense of it on Starlike.

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improve your technique, flexibility or body awareness with structured programmes 

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I’ve tried yoga and Pilates so many times and didn’t think it was my thing until I met Lena! She’s so attentive and the best instructor I’ve ever met. A real work out and super relaxing at the same time!


From de-stressing to healing to sweating, Lena continues to inspire me to move no matter my mood, by catering to the needs of all human states. The diversity of this platform amazes me and continues to grow with Lena’s weekly movement plans. I look forward to it every week.


I've never felt stronger or more empowered than I have since I started movement with Lena. I now enjoy prioritising my practice instead of feeling like it’s a chore!


thanks to Lena, movement is not a burden anymore but a moment I truly enjoy to (re)connect my mind with my body !
thus, the wide archive of flows never fail to give me a sense of fullness and grounding <3

from despising working out to loving movement

Hi, it's Lena here!

After years of frustration with working out, I realised there is more to taking care of myself than "10 minute Victoria's Secret Body" routines. 

Movement is just like eating or sleeping - a basic need of our body. Shifting towards building sustainable strength, timeless mobility and mindfulness have made my movement into a practice of self-care

Starlike is where we can share this mindful, yet strong movement and step beyond a blind pursue of physical aesthetics. Together, we build support for your body for the years to cone, building an incredible quality of life.