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After years of genuinely despising working out & constant frustration due to not being "motivated enough", I realised there is more to caring for myself than "no pain no gain" and "10 minute Victoria's Secret Body" routines.  

Shifting my mindset to see movement as a fundamental part of caring for myself, just like eating or sleeping, was a journey within it self. I only truly felt the profound benefit of a frequent movement practice once I found a style that truly resonated with me - a mixture of Pilates + mobility + free flowing.

Today movement is something I genuinely look forward to - supporting my body + mind with Starlike classes, intuitive wiggles & lots of walking allows me to flow through each day with more ease than ever. Developing this practice has taught me how to build strength and flexibility in a way that actually agrees with my body, needs & lifestyle.

I share all that I know & love about movement here on Starlike, to help make the same happen for you!!

outside of moving & grooving, I am getting a degree in East Asian Studies, improving my Japanese (it's a major struggle), and occasionally  getting obsessed with zoo themed video games 

when anxious, rewatching the economic drama masterpiece The Big Short, starring Steve Carrell, puts me at ease 

if you want my matcha latte recipe, give me a shout

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