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5 days of self-care Rent Bundle (6 videos) 5 days of self-care

a week of making you well-being a priority through an intelligent movement practice 

5 days of self-care is a mini programme that brings you:

  • day 1 — Strengthen with pilates

  • day 2 — Soften with breathwork 

  • day 3 — Sweat with barre 

  • day 4 — Sunrise mobility 

  • day 5 — Stretch with a flow

 What's special about Starlike?

We all know moving is a basic need of our body, but in the world of “no pain no gain” it can often feel more like a punishment than self care.

I invite you to step beyond draining “15 min Flat and Toned Abs” workouts and experience intelligent movement that supports your body (and makes you feel starlike :). 

Starlike classes bring together Pilates principles + modern movement science, all while inviting you explore options that suit you best in the given moment. 

You get a 7 day access to the programme, to keep you motivated with a clear timeline, while still leaving some wiggle room in case you want to repeat at classes or slow down!

Total (including taxes)
£5.00  for 1 week rental